Studio Alf Mobile

Alf's Professional History and Computer Expertise

Alf Delia has built approximately 50 computers from scratch for various clients over the years in addition to repairing and upgrading innumerable others.

  • 1958-1961 Graduate of Cathedral College High School, New York, NY
  • 1962-1966 Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fordham University, Bronx, NY

Work Experience

  • 1967 to 1998. Employed and trained as certified TV Repairman by Sears Roebuck. Self employed Audio Technician, Computer Technician, Musician, Band Leader. Employed by Axel Records as Sound Studio Producer.
  • Certified Systems Coordinator (By DaimlerChrysler) for Yonkers Avenue Dodge Inc., Yonkers, NY from Aug 15th, 1998 to October 20th 2003.
  • Considerable experience at Cable Access in Beaverton, Or, PCM, Mt. Hood Community College. Engineer and tech for many Still and Video shoots.
  • Currently own and operate a prosumer audio/ visual studio in my house (Studio Alf).


Responsibilities at Yonkers Avenue Dodge: Systems Coordinator
  • Manage, maintain and troubleshoot all Computer, Communication and Telephone Systems at Yonkers Avenue Dodge, Inc. including the following specifics:
  • Coordinated Reynolds and Reynolds server and network apparatus and installed all necessary software updates and revisions until they became updated automatically.
  • Shared responsibility for User Administration with the Comptroller of the company and also assisted her with the implementation of many technical protocols needed to communicate with manufacturers.
  • When needed, communicated with R&R in order to troubleshoot, replace and return any faulty equipment. The original R&R Server and Network had 70 serial ports. In 2002 the older system was replaced with 3 IBM servers and most serial ports were replaced with session ports to thin clients.
  • As Systems Coordinator, was the person of last resort who trained people to work with new hardware and software in migration of all Dial functions to the Internet over a period of 2 years.
  • Coordinated the preparation for the new installation by reading the specifications and then ordering and supervising installation of required power and telephone lines. The operating system was originally Unix and was changed to Linux.
  • Was responsible for duties similar to above in managing the Daimler Chrysler CIS2 interactive dealership server and network to Chrysler.
  • Performed many multimedia functions including creation of specialty forms, video/photo capture/edit, audio installations and repair, logo and ad manipulations for in-house purposes. Proficient in Photoshop and familiar with SVHS & proficient in mini DV editing applications.
  • Installed entire internet network from scratch including:
    • Prep, ordering and supervising installation of high speed redundant internet connections.
    • Ordering, buying and/or building 20 Personal Computers with network cards.
    • Networking the PC’s to internet Routers and connecting to redundant ISP’s.
    • Configuring and maintaining email addresses with the main ISP.
    • Installing, maintaining and using Microsoft Operating Systems and all Microsoft Office Programs.
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